Monday, 29 June 2009

Freezing On A Hot Day.

I’ve spent most of today putting up the children’s swimming pool which is a new addition to the gardens this summer. I had intended getting all the hedges cut in the main garden but this has been put off for a day. I have to say as far as swimming pools go it all seems a bit of a faff for little reward, I guess if you live in a warm climate then they might be worth all the trouble. I can never see the attraction of jumping in to water unless the ships sinking though, especially here as it’s still freezing even on a hot day.


Sara said...

Oh Bob. I just don't see how that ugly inflatable pool will fit into the beautiful gardens.

Couldn't the kids just use a hose & sprinkler?

Although, my own garden has become quite the eyesore, with all my agility equipment made from plumbing supplies!

EB said...

And there's was me thinking, fancy having a huge garden, a huge paddling pool, and a man to put it up for you, that's the life etc etc.

My husband has suggested putting our (far smaller) paddling pool up in the conservatory and that, I think, is a storming idea. So we'll give it a go tomorrow. We might also put the hammock up in which case pictures will follow. But I know what you mean, big pools are a right hassle to put up.

Philip Voice said...

Hi Bob

The temperature here is probably 36 degrees and we have a permanet pool.

Yesterday was my first deliberate (my daughter pushed me in) swim this year.

The kids were in at 11.30pm last evening before bed.

I do not envy you cutting hedges though.

All the best