Wednesday, 27 February 2008

A Long Term Niceness.

Tommy doing a bit of shredding for me.
Today I made a start on pruning the roses as the weather was very nice and spring like. I have to confess that rose pruning is not one of my favourite jobs. Thankfully the flowers in summer make all the backache and sore hands worthwhile. Below is a picture of what is known as the rose garden, there are several more rose beds scattered around the place. So as not to have too much of a good thing all at once I prune one bed then add a top dressing of fertilizer and then work over the soil, this way it helps to break up the job a little. For the first top dressing I use Growmore at the prescibed rate then every month to six weeks I apply another top dressing of either bonemeal or rose fertiliser depending on whats to hand. The garden centre I use doesn't allways have bags of rose fertiliser just little boxes which as you can imagine in a garden this size goes nowhere and would cost a fortune so I tend to go for bonemeal which they do stock in larger amounts.

I’m not sure what is occurring with the game keeper of late but he has been very nice and friendly, I don’t know if this is going to be a long term niceness or just a passing phase but I’ve reported the bad times so it’s only fair that I report the good times too. The other day he cut me some logs for us and then yesterday he helped me right the trampoline that had blown over in the wind. It certainly makes for a much better working environment.

Well better get off to bed, I didn't sleep to well last night, for some reason I woke up really cold which was really strange as I'm never cold in bed and then when I did fianlly get off to sleep the darn bed starts shaking, I'm just about to tell misunderstood Tommy to stop scratching when everything else in the room starts rattling and whilst Tommy can give a pretty good impression of an earthquake when he's scratching I've never knowing him shake the wardrobe doors open so I assumed either someone was trying to land a 747 on the house or we were having an earthquake. Either way I didn't see any point in running so I held on to the bed and awaited my fate.

Monday, 25 February 2008

To Sow Or Not To Sow?

The Crinan Canal.All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our
garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 2.1C
High Temp: 10.8C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 4.8 mph.
Weather Today: Bright but with a cold wind.
I've spent much of today working in the courtyard area tidying up the beds and around the walls. Mostly weeding the edging. I was/am thinking of putting a few Polyanthus and Pansies in the centre bed but I'm not sure I have enough plants to do it properly so am undecided if it's best given the thin covering or just not bother at all and use the plants somewhere else.
Another little problem I have at the moment is with the boss being late ordering the seeds and me going on holiday I don' t know whether to sow them now which is the proper time for some of them or wait until I get back and then be a few weeks late. Anyone who has grown stuff from seed knows that you have to keep a close eye on them and watch the watering and ventilation and what have you so to entrust my seedlings to an unskilled stand in is going to be a bit of a worry. If I sow them now they would just be coming through as I go away, or I could sow them just before I leave and then it would just be a matter of keeping an eye on the watering or I could just leave them until my return but thats not until three weeks time. I just can't help thinking that maybe it's best that they arrive late than not at all.

Anyway here are a couple of lots of seedlings that have got going okay, these are part of my 'Veg In Vessel's' project. What you see below are a few Radishes, I intend to just leave them in this pot, in a cold greenhouse and pick when ready

These are some Beetroot, if I remember right they are called Boltardy and are supposed to resist bolting which I gather can be a problem when being grown early although I've never had much trouble in that direction. I will let these come on a bit more then pot them in to something bigger, I'm not sure what yet.

That will have to be if for today as Vicki is home from the flower class so I will go make her a cuppa and sit awhile with her. Y'all take care of y'sens now.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Christmas Cactus Update.

A view from our walk along
the Crinan Canal tow path.
All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our
garden and covers a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 4.8C
High Temp: 12.2C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 5.1 mph.
Weather Today: Bright and mild.
I don't know if any of you remember the Christmas Cactus cuttings we took last November? At the time I said I would keep you updated on their progress. It wasn't the best time of year to be taking cuttings which is why progress has been slow and therefore not a lot to report. Anyway that all changed the other day when I tapped out the pot and discovered that the cuttings had finally rooted. Below are a couple of pictures I took of the happy event. Also below is a link to the original post I did just in case you either need a reminder or check it out to do your own cuttings.


Monday 24th February 1992.

Vicki went in to Harrogate with Pearl and Vera to meet Ruth and her mother who then came back to dinner. Monday is not a good day to have visitors. Most days here leaves ones mind in shreds but Mondays are even worse. This is the first job I've had where I've suffered from Monday morning blues.

Ruth is a long time friend of Vicki's.


Friday, 22 February 2008

Crinan Canal.

Part of the Crinan Canal.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 11.2C
High Temp: 15.4C
Rainfall: 0.3mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 6.1 mph.
Weather Today: Bright, mild and very windy, especially from mid day onwards.


These entries come from my diary written in 1992. The big house mentioned in these entries is not the same one that I’m now employed at.

Saturday 22nd February 1992.
John and Jane came to see us, they arrived at 1pm and went home at 6pm. Vicki took them in to Ripon after lunch. Our new tennants moved in to our house in Scotland.
John is my brother and Jane his wife.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

See For Yourself.

Loch Tay.All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 3.4C
High Temp: 11.9C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 3.4 mph.
Weather Today: Overcast but much milder.
I took this picture for you today, they are a few of the Iris that I planted last Autumn
Several of you have asked how my hand is getting on after I accidentally pruned it last week. I will show you so you can see for yourselves. I think you will agree that it looks like I'm going to live after all, the grubby hankie and sticking plaster did the trick. Thanks again for all your best wishes, its really kind of you.

These entries come from my diary written in 1992. The big house mentioned in these entries is not the same one that I’m now employed at.

Friday 21st February 1992.
There is trouble at work with the septic tank, the outlet pipe seems to be blocked. Dave has got Brian in to get it unblocked. Went to Summer Bridge to help Dave lift a concrete lintal in to his house. Vicki has been getting and sawing wood this afternoon.

Brian was the estate joiner so I'm not sure why he got the job of unblocking the pipe, but its the way it was there, everyone helped each other. Dave and Jackie had bought their own house in Summer Bridge and Dave was busy doing some alterations so I went over with him a couple of times after work to give him a hand with stuff.
Best Wishes,

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

More Frosty Pics.

A bird on Loch Tay.All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: -4.5C
High Temp: 6.2C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind:1.7 mph.
Weather Today: Still cold but brighter and warmer than yesterday.
Here are a few more frosty weather pictures for you, this first one if of the cricket field, I don't think it will be getting much use today - except by the moles!
The misunderstood dog looking for his mates down the frosty avenue.
The biscuit tree. This is the tree we walk to every morning, there is a crack in the trunk which is full of dog biscuits, or at least thats what Tommy things as I slip in my hand and pull out yet another dog biscuit - there again he could just be humouring the stupid human!
These entries come from my diary written in 1992. The big house mentioned in these entries is not the same one that I’m now employed at.

Thursday 20th February 1992.
Pearl and Vera came to stay for a few days. His lordships burglar alarm went off again today and as usual neither Dave nor Jackie were around to reset it. Dave was away loading up with logs. In the end Val from the office came and turned it off, but this was not until the police had made another wasted journey. John rang to say that he will be coming to see us on Saturday.
Pearl was a sort of Aunt and one time neighbour to Vicki, Vera was a close friend of Vicki and Pearl. I think the John mentioned would be my brother John. The burglar alarm at the big house went off on a regular basis, usually as a result of low flying aircraft.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Disappearing Tommy.

Looking to Kenmore at the eastern end of Loch Tay.All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: -4.9C
High Temp: 0.6C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind:1.0 mph.
Weather Today: Cold and foggy, the temp never getting above minus 1C all day.
At around 9 in the evening Vicki likes to take the dogs out just for a little walk around the back of the courtyard area. Last night being no exception. They just happened to be leaving as I was about to go check on the greenhouse heating so I hung back a while as I knew Tommy would only want to come with me if he saw me. Anyway all went well, they were nowhere to be seen as I went across the green to the garden. I check the greenhouse which was okay and as I was leaving I heard this noise behind me. It startled me because there was no reason for anyone to be there but as I quickly swung round to see who it was I was surprised to see Misunderstood Tommy standing there. Somehow he knew I had left the house and gone over to the garden and he had abandoned Vicki to come looking for me. We fininshed checking round and returned home. Well he might be the misunderstood dog but I'm sure he had no misunderstanding what Vicki thought of his disappearing act! I thought maybe he got sight of me going across to the greenhouse but apparently not as Vicki said they were way around the back of the sheds when he suddenly disappeared. He just loves his gardening does Tommy.
What you say is so right Kimmie. The most frustrating thing for me ever is if for whatever reason I can't to a job properly. You should always try your best and then look at how to improve upon it. I always remember when I was learning to be a gardener there was this old guy would often say that, 'if a job isn't worth doing well it isn't worth doing at all' and thats the way I always feel.
Wednesday 19th February 1992.
Dave came for lunch and have his hair cut. There is trouble with the water as work, it seems the pump has broken. I've been doing one of his lordships none gardening jobs today - cutting Ivy from the trees in the spinny. its only just over three weeks ago that his lordship said the spinny was no concern of mine when I was cutting the brambles from the side of the drive, now he has me doing forestry work in it.
Vicki painted the window seat in the sitting room today.
The snow from yesterday has gone.
I played with Fallon on the computer after dinner, we played the motor racing game. All was fine until we didn't win the race, then she became very upset. She hates to lose.
When I met Vicki she was a hairdresser and had her own mobile hairdressing business so it was she who cut Daves hair and not me!
All the best,

Monday, 18 February 2008

The Loch Tay Monster.

Tippy rounding up the Loch Tay monster!All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: -5.1C
High Temp: 9.9C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 0.7 mph.
Weather Today: Warm in the sun but very cold out of it. A very hard frost last night.
This picture was taken this morning when me and Tom were on our morning walk, it was nice and sunny with everything covered in silver frost.

Today I had to go to the garden centre to fetch something for work so whilst I was there I got a couple of cheap pots for myself. I think I already told you that rather than pick up the left overs from the garden at work I would try and grow my own veg in containers at home as I don't have a big enough garden to be able to have a plot just for veg. So here is one of my new pots planted up with Spring Cabbage and a few primulas.
In this pot there are three Cauliflowers and somemore Primulas. I'm wondering if I'm over doing it by putting three plants in one pot. Its all trial and error at the moment so we will have to learn and modify if need be.
My hand is getting much better now, in fact its progressing so well that I may even show Vicki later. I daren't show her before or she may have whisked me off to the hospital - she's like that LOL! By the way Jeanette, you can't beat a few germs now and again, it helps keep the immune system tuned up!

Thanks for your advice about the anti virus software Jim . I've always had 'Norton Internet Security' on my computer but on Saturday I changed this to 'Norton 360' which as you say Jim gives you the chance to hook up three computers too it. I managed to put mine and Fallon's computer on to it but something happened when I was putting Vicki's on and now there is an error when I try to install it. I tried to download it again but it said that it was already downloaded but I don't think it is, not properly anyway as I can't find it anywhere on the computer. Anyway what I've done for now is to put her on what was left of my 'Internet Security'. There is another 10 months to run on it so she may was well use it up. Thanks for the advice anyway.

The Scotland picture tonight is of Tommy and Tippy taking a dip in Loch Tay.


Tuesday 18th February 1992.
His lordships cat has flees in its ears. When his lordship was told of this he instructed me to take it to the vets. He said that Dave couldn't do it as he has enough to do already, I suppose he thinks I haven't! I was livid. I'm busting a gut trying to get this place presentable and all the thanks I get are insults like that. In the end Dave did take the cat. Vicki has had a terrible headache all day.

I guess looking back taking the cat to the vets was no big deal and he probably wasn't taking any kind of a dig at the amount of work I had to do. The thing is though this sort of thing was happening day after day one way or another and it all just gets too much in the end.

Y'all take care now,

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Sorting Fallon's Computer.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: -3.7C
High Temp: 9.2C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 1.4 mph.
Weather Today: Bright and sunny after a frosty start.

Amongst other things I’ve been trying to sort out Fallon’s computer which has become infected with all manner of things just in the short time she has been connected to the internet. I think the best option is to upgrade my anti virus software to include the other two computers we have now.

Today’s holiday snap from Scotland was taken at a small place called ’killin’, the picture being of ‘The Falls Of Killin’.


Sunday 16th February 1992.
That’s another boring weekend over with thank God! I can’t be bothered to write anymore. Nothing in life seems worth the effort these days.

Oh dear! That doesn’t sound very good does it. Unfortunately back then things weren’t so good, I liked the job and the location unfortunately there was a personality clash between me and his lordship which unfortunately could only be resolved by parting company.


Friday, 15 February 2008

A Dirty Hanky And Sticking Plaster.

Loch Tay
All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 4.2C
High Temp: 5.9C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 2.0 mph.
Weather Today: Overcast and cold, a very miserable day.

Hello everyone. Once again thanks for the best wishes you left me, they were much appreciated. Everything seems to be going okay with it so far, no more bleeding or anything bad, I even managed to do some digging at work. Of course in an ideal world Jeanette is right both tools should have been made safe but at the time both were in use in the sense that I was swapping from one to the other all the time, I thought the greatest danger lay in falling from the ladder and saw concentrating on that and never saw the danger that got me. You’re also right about it needing stitches, for sure you didn’t need to be Gil Grisom to follow the blood trail. I think doctors these days have enough on treating people with grazed knees and allergies to bother them with something serious like a slashed hand. I’m more in favour of Dr Woody ‘s remedies, a good old dirty hanky and a sticking plaster!

You’re welcome to the comment Merle . As you probably know I’m still having to attend once a year for a test and although its probably not as bad as what you have to endure the worry is still there so I do appreciate what you said about the subject.

I have to confess Margaret, that Rhubarb is one of the things I just can’t stomach. I always remember as a child my gran used to give me a stick of raw Rhubarb to chew on from time to time so maybe that has something to do with it. Although at the time I don’t recall it bothering me too much, she didn’t force me to eat it or anything nasty like that.


Saturday 15th February 1992.
Vicki had to go to work this morning. After work and before lunch we took the fertiliser spreader back to the gardener centre where we borrowed it from. Vicki bought some nuts for the birds whilst there so on our return I hung the feeder up outside the kitchen window. Fallon went swimming this afternoon and returned with a lose front tooth. I think we’ve got rats going in the out house so I’ve put down some poison. Received the form from Oban jobcentre.

I think the fertiliser spreader I speak of was borrowed for use at work as we didn’t have a garden.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

A Safety Tip.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 3.0C
High Temp: 6.1C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 1.0 mph.
Weather Today: Dry and overcast all day.
Today I have a little safety tip for you.
DON'T hold secateurs and a screw driver like this.

Unless you want a hand like this
I was up a ladder trimming the Ivy back that you see in the picture below when the accident occured. The bare bit of wall to the right of the top window is as far as I got, I was attempting to trim it off level with the bottom of this window. The secateurs were to snip the stem and the screw driver was to lever it away from the wall so I could get my hand around it and give it a pull. Everything was fine until I got a piece that decided to cling to the wall real hard, so I gripped the ladder with my left hand, the secateurs and screw driver also gripped by the left hand in a similar manner to in the above picture and I gave the stubborn Ivy a good old yank just at the same time as the Ivy put its hands in the air and said, 'OK - I give up'! Of course by this time it was too late and the first thing to absorb this extra energy was the blade of the secateurs. Need I say more?

Friday 14th February 1992.
Lord? has been fussy today. He started the day by thanking me for the Rhubarb yesterday, 'Much appreciated' is what he said. In the afternoon he said the gardens were looking better than they had for quite a long time but is waiting to see if this standard can be maintained through the summer.
Got a letter from the building society to say that our mortgage has been reduced by £30 a month. This makes our monthly payment £101.
Went to Dave and Jackies house for a cup of tea - or in my case a can of beer, this evening.
Dave and Jackie were estate workers, Dave was the painter and Jackie the housekeeper and live just up the drive from us, we in the lodge and they in the gardeners cottage. Its funny because on the surface that estate would appear to be a far more hostile estate than this. We've been here two and a half years now and only ever been invited in to one persons house for a cup of tea.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

A Temporary Fault

I'm afraid i will have to give you all a miss tonight as I had a little accident at work, nothing serious but using the computer is a problem. I will just type the blast from the past so that I don't get to far behind with it.


Thursday 13th February 1992.
Cut the first Rhubarb today. Vicki phoned the job centres at Inverness, Fort William and Oban. The one at Oban is sending us a form to fill in so they can add us to their books.

I think the Rhubarb would have been forced in the greenhouse.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Fuchsia Pruning.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: -1.8C
High Temp: 13.9C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 1.0 mph.
Weather Today: Dry and sunny after a frosty start.
Below are a couple of pictures of my Fuchsia pruning handy work that I promised JEANETTE. You may need to click on the pics and enlarge them if they will to properly see the difference and what I've done. Basically I just remove any weak shoots back to one or two buds, take out any crossing shoot, especially from the centre of the plant and then shorten the rest back to form a balanced shape to the plant, you are trying to avoid having more growth on one side of the plant than the other side. As you will be able to see I have shortened the stronger main shoots back by about half, if you can keep on lengthening these main branches each year your plant will get bigger. of course the plant would get big quicker if you left the whole of the main branch on but it would be too weak to take the weight of the flowers and leaves and would most likely break off so if you shorten it by about half its strong enough to take the strain, its just a case of not being to greedy. If I can remember I will take a picture of one of my bigger Fuchsia's sometime so you can see how the size has built up over the years.

Tuesday 11th February 1992.
The postman delivered more bad news this morning - a letter from the position we enquired about in Argyll. They say the job has been taken but they will keep our name just in case things don't work out with the people they've employed. We won't be holding our breath though. Vicki went out with Jackie tonight, they went swimming and then sunning themselves on sunbeds. The lord and lady are opening the big house to paying guests.
Because of our unhappy position at the time we had applied for several positions, one being gardener and housekeeper at a place in Argyll. Jackie was the housekeeper at the big house. The people we lived and worked with on this estate were far more open and friendly than they are on the one we're at today, unfortunately the lord of the manner was more or less impossible to get on with, a sort of reversal to the way things are here.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Lots Of Attention For Tommy.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at midnight.
Low Temp: 1.1C
High Temp: 15.3C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 0.7 MPH.
Weather Today: Dry and sunny.
Today started with a lie in for me and Tommy, we even got a cup of tea in bed thanks to my mum. The rest of the morning was spent catching up on some reading followed by a trip to the garden centre for some bird food in the afternoon. After tea with my parent I we went to visit my sister for a few hours, when we arrived my niece and nephew were there also which was good. Of course Tommy enjoyed all the attention as usual and managed to secure several treats during the visit, is there any wonder I can never get out of the house with the car keys without him begging to come with me?!


Monday 10th February 1992.
Got a bill for £142 for the house insurance from the Halifax. Even though it was expected it came as a bit of a blow all the same. As far as money goes it seems to be one thing after another at the moment. Mrs Scott phoned to say that one of the people renting our house has left but she thinks she has found two more people to take her place.

Whilst we were working at this particular estate in North Yorkshire we still retained our own property in Alloa, Scotland. When living in what is called a tied house (A dwelling provided by your employer as part of your wages) if possible its a good idea to still have your own place to fall back on as a 'tied house' is only as permanent as your job, and as we all know in these times no job is for life. Anyway Mrs Scott was the kind neighbour who was looking after our property for us with regard to renting it out whilst we weren't needing it for ourselves. The Halifax was the building society with whom we had the mortgage on the property.


Saturday, 9 February 2008

Older And More Worn Out.

Setting sun at Darley Moor.
All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at midnight.
Low Temp: 3.1C
High Temp: 15.7C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 2.0 MPH.
Weather Today: Dry and sunny.

Today I went to stay with my parents for the night. On the way down I called in to see Jo and David, however David was out so I only got to see Jo again. I didn't stay long as I had Tommy with me and I wanted to take him for a walk around near to where we used to live, just have a nosey to see what had been going on. As with most things everything looked much the same, just a little older and more worn out. It turned quite chilly out in the open but we hung around never the less as there was a really nice sunset and a peace that is not often found.
My mum and dad were pleased to see us and had a big dinner ready for us when we walked in. Tommy always like to go away for the weekend, apart from all the food, he gets to sleep on the bed with me which he really looks forward too. Its funny how he knows because at home he doesn't get to sleep on the bed so never even tries but my mum spoils him even more than I do so insists he sleeps on the bed if he wants and he knows it somehow.
Sunday 9th February 1992.
I've not done much today, just messed about and listened to some music in the morning and watched 'Home Alone' with Fallon in the afternoon. started Dahlia's in to growth, I'm keeping them in the spare room for now. I've taken our Chrysanthemums up to the manor house as I've nowhere to bring them on here. Judith Phoned.
Where we lived at the time we had even less garden than we do now. For some reason these estates have move people around over the years so now you find the gardener no longer lives in the gardeners cottage and as a result no longer enjoys the sort of garden his occupation merits. So for that reason I had to try and raise my Dahlia's in the window of the spare room. It was probably okay to get them in to growth but I would think they ended up at the manor house with the Chrysanths in the end.
Best wishes,

Friday, 8 February 2008

A Blast From The Past.

The Misunderstood Dog Taking A Dip - BRRR!
Low Temp: 7.7C
High Temp: 14.1C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 5.4 mph.
Weather Today: Dry and sunny.
Some time tomorrow I'm off back home to Derbyshire to visit my family. I would probably have gone tonight had I not to walk around the gardens with the boss in the morning. On the journey down I may see if my mate Jo is in, if so I will drop by and see them in passing.
I was looking through some old stuff I found in the store cupboard the other night and I found some diaries from a few years back (I've been blogging many years on and off) and as I read through them I had the idea of publishing a few entries on here but since then I've decided to just concentrate on one diary so I closed my eyes, shuffled the diaries and picked on and the year I picked is 1992 so from now on I will try and post a 'blast from the past' as often as time permits. I will copy each entry as its written in the diary at the time as I think that will better reflect the mood in which it was written at that time. Explanations where needed will be added in (brackets). I hope this meets with everyones approval. Talking of approval I haven't heard back from Dame Judi yet.
Saturday February 8th 1992.
All three of us went looking for logging wood on the railway this morning - much to Fallon's disgust. (There was a disused railway right outside where we lived at the time, a short way up the track was a dump where the estate tipped waste so we went there now and again to look for wood to burn. At the time this was something we HAD to do if we wanted a fire to keep warm). In the afternoonI washed my car while Vicki and Fallon baked and watched a video.
Well I'd better get off now as I need to get a few things ready for the meeting tomorrow.
Best wishes,

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Our Trip To Malta Is Booked.

The Falls Of Falloch
All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 5.2C
High Temp: 1.6C
Rainfall: 0.9mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 4.4 MPH.
Weather Today: Dry and bright.

I’m sure you will all be pleased to hear that we now have our flights to Malta booked. After much searching on her laptop Vicki managed to locate a flight that we can just about afford. She’s only had her laptop six weeks and she has us jetting off around the world! The friends we know over there have found us an apartment to rent so it looks like we are all set now.
I would like to thank Dame Judi for requesting access to the secret garden, unfortunately I can’t locate the last comment you refer too also it just so happens that there is someone who lives close by that I’ve heard people refer to as Dame Judi, although she is not really a dame. Whilst I wouldn’t expect someone who was wishing to gate crash the party to come as themselves, who knows, maybe that’s what they were counting on me thinking. Anyway besides all of that you would need to supply me with an email address Judi as I need somewhere to send the invite too.
Best Wishes,

Monday, 4 February 2008

A Change Of Mind.

Looking across Loch Lomond to Doune Bothy, of the two buildings visible the bothy is the one on the left. Those of you who read about my walk on the West Highland Way in my hiking gardener blog will probably remember me talk about Doune Bothy, well now you can see it from another angle.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 2.8C
High Temp: 9.0C
Rainfall: 0.6mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 3.7 MPH.
Weather Today: Dry and bright with a cool wind.

Hello everyone. I’m sure some of you will have noticed that you got an invite to view this blog only to discover later that not only did the invite to this blog not work but that you also had an invite to an entirely new blog. The reason for this is simple, I changed my plans mid stream so to speak. My gran always told me that I would never hang myself so I don’t like to disappoint her. I’ll not go in to all the details other than to say that after deciding to make this the restricted blog I changed my mind and made a new blog altogether which will be the invite only blog. So this blog isn’t and won’t be restricted at all but will only contain home and family stuff my new ‘Hiking Gardeners Secret Garden’ will be my work journal and will be restricted to invites only. You are welcome to an invite provided I can be sure you aren’t Dick Dastardly or the like.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

First Contact With Malta.

The picture below was taken one morning from the cottage we rented. The mountain is called ‘The Cobbler’ and stands at around 2,900 feet high.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: -0.5C
High Temp: 6.3C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 3.7 MPH
Weather Today: Dry and bright with a very cold wind.
As from tomorrow I will have a new blog called ‘The Hiking Gardeners Secret Garden' it will however only be available to those who request to view it so for that reason I am going to post any none work related things here as usual. Because most links lead here and always being mindful of the people who like to read what I write and also the ones yet to discover my journals I will as I say continue to post none work related things here, also it will give those who don’t yet have a key to the door of ‘The Hiking Gardeners Secret Garden’ chance to apply for one and you can do this either by going to my profile page and clicking on the word ‘email’ or just leave your email address as a comment and I will get to you that way.

Today I went over to see my mate Jo for a few hours, I haven’t been in ages due to me having either the flu or a cold. Jo and David live with David’s parents and his dad suffers very badly with his breathing so I didn’t think it wise to risk causing him more problems by passing on my germs so I’ve been keeping away. When the better weather comes I hope to go over and help Jo with her garden so maybe she will let me show you all what we get up to there.

We had a bit of good news about our trip to Malta last night. I don’t know if I ever told you but Vicki has friends there who we semi lost contact with. Well to cut a long story short they sent a Christmas card to where we used to live and yesterday we managed to retrieve the card and in it there was a telephone number plus address so Vicki phoned and mailed them and it seems they maybe able to help us find some accommodation which would be great. Anyway way I will let you know how that works out, they are supposed to be phoning us back tomorrow.
Well I think that will do for now, I’m feeling quite tired after watching Jo do all that cleaning earlier.