Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Tomato Plant Cuttings.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our
garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 4.5C
High Temp: 16.4C
Rainfall: 0.3mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 1.4 mph
Weather Today: Bright and sunny,
some heavy showers late afternoon.
Hello everyone, I sure hope you're feeling well. Tonight I have another of Tippy's Top Tips for you. No doubt some of you are like me and enjoy growing Tomatoes. Well I will tell you something that I sometimes do, its also good for those who buy plants rather than grow from seed because this way you don't need to by as many. Once your plants get going you will find that there are lots of side shoots which in some cases you have to remove and even if you grow the sort of plants that don't need side shoots removing the plant won't mind if you take a few. In this instance I use a sharp knife that way you don't bruise the end. Below shows you what a side shoot looks like and where to make the cut.

If the leaves are a bit big then trim back the end a little so you end up with something like in the picture below and make sure you have a nice clean straight cut on the bottom of the cutting.
Then fill a pot with ordinary potting compost and stick the cutting down the side of the pot to the depth of about half an inch to an inch and then water in. Then stand it somewhere warm and light but shaded from direct sunlight.
Then in ten days to a fortnight you will have roots forming like this...

...and extra plants to grow on or give to friends.
I was intending to grow these on for planting out in the garden later but my dad has not done so well with his own Tomatoes this year so I will let him have these four plants so he will get a head start, you never know he might be so happy that he'll treat me to a pint of Fosters - now thats got to be worth having a go hasn't it? I have some more side shoots so I will take somemore cuttings to grow outside. This is so easy that even someone with brown thumbs can do it, even if its just for fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

I just had to drop by and tell you how i enjoyed reading what you said about your Grandpa and the "Quakers Meeting" . . . ha ha, that was good!

Happy Gardening!

Jim said...

I sure did learn something from you tonight. My Mom grew a lot of tomatoes put never did she make more from cuttings.
What do they do if they are hybrids? I am supposing just like the originals.
I am glad you found me back from Ireland. It will be a week from tomorrow, we sure are having trouble catching up with things.

Jim said...

Oh yes, it will be soon and I will some Ireland garden pictures. We went to Powers Court again. This time we could stay, last year I fell and broke my kneecap and had to go home (U.S.).

Kimmie said...

Wow, I always try to pinch them back, but have never tried to grow those. Good stuff. Thanks and my tomatoe lovers here all thank you too!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Matron said...

What brilliant timing Bob! I bought an expensive packet of F1 hybrid beefsteak tomatoes from T&M - there were just FOUR seeds in the packet for £3.99. I have been leaving the side shoots in order to propagate more plants. It is something I have not done before. Thanks for the tips! I might use some of my own home made hormone rooting liquid to help them on their way.