Wednesday, 3 June 2009


The plant I choose to show you from the flower garden this week is the Wisteria, the one you see in the picture it one of two that we have, the other is growing on the summer house wall.
Wisteria are idea for growing against a west or south facing wall or over a pergola type structure as seen in the picture as they prefer full sun. You can increase Wisteria by layering around this time of year.

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joco said...

We had our wisteria professionally pruned three years ago. It cost a fortune, though not as much as the leader of the opposition put on his expense account :-)

Sadly, there have been very few flowers on it ever since. Any ideas why? Cut too far into hardwood? Needs feeding?

I tried to layer it into a pot, but so far nothing shows. maybe it would do better if I took up a patio stone and layered it directly in the soil.