Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Ornamental Veg.

Hello everyone. Tonight we will have a look at a few things in the veg garden, I want you to see how ornamental veg can be as well as good for eating.

This first picture is of the beetroot and in this case is just planted in a bog standard row but I’m sure with a bit of imagination the green leaves and red stems could put on a good display in any flower border.

Again, these Lettuce aren’t arranged at their best but I' sure you can see the potential of the contrasting colours of the reds and greens. The row in the middle is the new Lettuce I’m trying called Bijou. Its leaves are almost purple and if it tastes as good as it looks then it will be one that I will be growing again that’s for sure.

This picture is of a Mangetout flower. After the flower come golden pea pods, I think this plant is worth growing just for that lovely flower, almost as good as a sweet pea.

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