Thursday, 25 June 2009

Hanging Basket Project (Assembly).

This is the final part of the hanging basket project that I know none of you have been doing with me – I will not be put off though because I know that in time I will have the mother of all hanging baskets! Everyone who comes in the garden will say, "Oh Vicki, I love your hanging basket"!

Today is assembly day, the day when all three parts join to make one – provided the hanging basket bracket doesn’t drop off the wall under all the extra weight.

It’s just a simple matter of hooking each of the baskets under one another, this is why you need to use the mesh type baskets as the solid plastic type don’t have anywhere underneath to fasten a second basket also the plastic hooks are only just strong enough to support a single basket.

If you want to see the previous instalments on how to make this beast then just click on 'Hanging Basket Project' label in my sidebar.

I will post more pictures of this later as the dots become joined up - just so you can see what you missed out on. Oh by the way, the Petunia's I used are scented ones so that should be a nice bonus.


EB said...

I looks lovely and I bet it will be even better when it fills out more.

The thing with postings like this is you never know when someone might refer back to them, or someone new might find them by searching. You can even use the material and the pictures again yourself if you were putting together a larger collection of advice or whatever.

Dirt Princess said...

well...I have never thought of doing that. It looks great!

Sara said...

That looks wonderful!

Even if I did do the project with you, it wouldn't have looked as lovely, as I don't have such a charming white door to put it by!

I've never seen (smelled) scented petunias in our local nurserys.

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, The Petunia baskets are lovey and will make a beautiful showing as they all fill and keep spilling over the sides.
I tryed this with 2 baskets using Million bells violets chimes and white, but will definately be trying using 3 and petunias when its time.
The roses below are beautiful, but alas I see weeds in the path..

HangingBasketBrackets said...

Hey, Rachel Mason here. Really nice hanging baskets! If you ever decide you need a nice heavy duty bracket to support all that weight you can find some really strong ones here Hanging Basket Brackets I'm trying my hand at my first home-planted hanging basket this year. Wish me luck, hope it turns out as well as yours did.