Friday, 5 June 2009

Question and Answers.

Today I am going to answer a few questions that people have asked me.

First of all I will start with Matron who asked what she can do with all her Red Currants, well if you visit this site there are lots of suggestions

The Weaver of Grass asked me a while ago if I have problems with slugs and snails. I have to say this touching wood that I don't have trouble at all in the garden although they can be a pest in the greenhouse, especially with certain types of seedlings. There is actually a range of garden hand tools that is said to deter slugs and snails, how true this is I don't know. They are nice tools though a bit expensive for all but the very keen gardener or one thats at their wits end with slugs and snails. To view the tools go to

Red Clover has just started working as a gardener and is suffering all the aches and pains that go with the job, especially when you first start. There is no real cure but a good thing to try and do is to vary your jobs. If you're weeding and your back starts to ache go and do a standing up job for a while, you find that in time you get so you can cope for longer periods at a time.

Sara has noticed that I'm still in the garden at gone 8 some evenings. I usually finish around 5:30 in the summer but when the weather is hot its still to early to close the greenhouses so I go back across later in the evening when everything has cooled down a little. I also stop and do some watering now and then as thats the best time to water.


joco said...

Hiya Bob,

I like your saying below the header picture. Too true.

The efficacy of those copper tools has me bewildered: does that require that you work non-stop to keep the copper moving and the snails at bay :-)

Seeing that my snails run in the thousands over a summer, I am always looking for an efficient method to keep control, but 24 hour digging doesn't appeal.

joco said...

Thanks for your reply on my blog.
I agree with you: very unlikely that using a copper handtool will leave a lasting snail deterrent effect in the soil.
Those merchants: they'll try anything :-)