Friday, 26 June 2009

Some Sights From Our Garden.

Tonight I'm going to show you a few things from our garden at home for a change. All these pictures were taken within a minute of each so as you can see even in a small garden there is plenty to see if you care to look.

Thanks for all your comments on the triple hanging basket, and don't worry I wasn't really getting on at you, I was just pulling your leg. As Emily said, its something you can go back too if you fancy a go which is why I put it under its own label. For those who haven't seen any scented Petunia's here is a link to visit so you can try them for yourself another year.,default,pd.html


Dirt Princess said...

I like seeing the photos from the garden. I would love to see it in person

EB said...

Beautiful. I love the way your pictures show a type of flower on its own, to be appreciated for what it is.

Matron said...

Is working on your own garden at home like a busman's holiday?

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, Oh i love the dark colour of the sweetpea and the white foxglove in your garden..
AWWWW and of course just love seeing photo's Tommy, or is it Tippy?