Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Good For The Environment, Bad For The Gardener.

I don’t know if anyone else is discovering this but I think some potting compost these days leaves a lot to be desired.

When sowing seeds I always put the compost through a riddle as there is nothing worse when pricking out and your seedlings come attached with big lumps of compost. It was during just one spell of riddling that I turned up this little lot below.

I think the worrying thing about all this is the piece of glass as its common practice for me to rub the compost through the riddle with my hands, fortunately I saw this before it did me any harm. It seems that included in some brands of potting compost is waste from the green waste bin. On the surface this might seem a good thing for the planet and all that stuff but another thing that is of concern to me came about when a neighbour admitted to putting dog waste in to her green waste bin – how many more people do that?

I'm pleased you enjoyed my attempt at humour in last nights post, it just goes to show that Bob is not all about work.


Sara said...

At home, I fling my dog's poop into the woods behind my house, and let the woods "compost it".....

Otherwise, I bag and put in in my regular bin.

Maybe you better wear two pairs of gloves from now on!

dinzie said...

We have a 'green' composter that includes 'treated' human waste .... Just don't seem right at all .........