Sunday, 14 June 2009

Hanging Basket Project (Post Two).

Today I will show you how things are progressing with the hanging basket project that I started last month. Click here There is still away to go yet but as you will see things are coming along nicely.
Also I've put together a basket of Oxalis, it doesn't look much at the moment but hopefully in a few weeks it will look much better when the plants haev covered the plastic.


Matron said...

Yes, isn't it amazing how bedraggled they look when you first plant them. Suddenly they grow into their space and just burst out!

EB said...

I've never seen cultivated oxalis before, only the tiny-leaved stuff you get as weeds, and even that has very pretty flowers so I'm looking forward to seeing that one especially.

salina said...

I was just commenting to my daughter how we needed some hanging flower baskets to put on our front porch. After seeing you make your own, I know that this is what I must do. I am going to make my own too. Thanks for the inspiration Bob!:)
Have a great week!

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, It wont be long and the Petunia will fill that basket and look so pretty with it trailing down the sides.
Oxalis is a noxious weed over here and forever weeding it out nomatter how hard you try to get rid of it , it comes back twice os thick..