Monday, 8 June 2009

The Chelsea Collection.

As you will see from the pictures below the sweet peas have started to bloom, I've already had a couple of pickings. As you may know its important to keep on picking sweet pea as they come in to bloom because that way you encourage even more flowers. I don't recall the names of the flowers you see here, they are part of 'The Chelsea Collection' from
All the flowers are scented and the colletion includes the varieties:

Mrs Bernard Jones - Almond Pink
Our Harry - Mid Blue
Mumsie - Crimson
Just Jenny - Midnight Blue
Winner - Scarlet
Bristol Cream - Cream
Misty - Mauve Flush
Katie Alice - Dark Blue
Subtle Charm - Pale Pink


Surreal Sue said...

Bob and Vicki, It was a pleasure visiting your blog. How you must enjoy life being surrounded by all that beauty in the gardens. Your little gem Hannah is also a little beauty. Wish I could grow things. My pleasure come from buying flowers. Sue.

Red Clover said...

Those sweet peas are awesome! Oh, so very cool! Every time I see your pictures I realize that I need to buy a very small house with a very big yard to accommodate all the ideas I get!

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, OHh what a sight for sore eyes the Sweet pea and roses are just beautiful and the colours and perfume must be lingering through the garden...

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Oh, your sweet peas are just lovely. They are blooming around here right now. I see them beside the road in a hot pink color, here and there. They seem to ramble across banks. I like that you have them climbing string up a wall. Is this common to grow them in this manner? Maybe I should plant them up my fence?
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~