Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Flower Garden (Roses).

In the flower garden at the moment there is little that competes with the roses as far as flowers and scent goes.

Of course this means there is going to be plenty of dead heading going on around here pretty soon.


Dirt Princess said...

Lovely, I can only imagine how wonderful they smell

Merle said...

Hi Bob ~~ Beautiful roses - they are so lovely. Thanks for showing them to us. I must apologize for being so late in wishing you a very happy
belated Birthday. I hope you had a great time with your family. I only do a couple of posts a week these days. Life gets too busy or I get slower, probably a bit of both.
btw I love the Rosebud geranium it is
lovely. Take care Bob, Regards, Merle

Kimmie said...

So beautiful...mine have begun to bloom too.

Hope all is well Bob...I am glad we are friends. Thinking of you on the otherside of the pond, always makes me smile.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted