Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Summer Greenhouse.

Today I will show you a picture of the greenhouse now that its lost all its bedding plants. On the staging are 6 tomato plants in pots, these are from the earliest sowing and then in the border to the left are 6 more from a later sowing. I've also taken a few sideshoot cuttings which will hopefully provide an even later crop at some point.
Also on the staging are some geranium cuttings, young fuchsia's and my own hanging basket tomatoes.


EB said...

They've all left home, and gone out into the big wide world! It looks very tidy.

Phil Voice said...


I would love to have your greenhouse:-0)

Not just because it is a place to bring on seedlings and re-pot plants but because it represents that bygone age.

Phil Voice said...

Whoops! sorry Bob - forgot the 'B'

Matron said...

I am green and purple with envy for your lovely greenhouse! I can barely stand up in mine, and when Buddy comes in to join me, one of us has to back out coz there's not enough room!