Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sowing Lettuce.

I said the other day that I would show you how I sow my lettuce, also a few other things for that matter. There is no reason at all why Lettuce can't be sown straight in the ground at this time of year but this method is particularly useful for early sowings when the ground is wet and cold, however I also prefer this way no matter whatever the time of year is.

I take a tray with cells, I use a ten cell tray as that will provide at least three Lettuce a week.

Fill with potting compost and firm, then top off and level before making a dent in the compost with your finger, don't make the hole too deep as this is mostly the cause of bad germination in seeds. It just wants to be deep enough to cover the seeds.

Put a few seed in to the palm of your hand, and I then use the blade of my knife to scoop up a couple of seed and place in one of the holes in the compost.

If the seed is new then a couple of seeds in each hole is all you need, if its older seed then put in a few extra.

Then just cover the seed with your finger, water in and either place in the greenhouse or warm sheltered place. When the seedlings are big enough to handle take out the weakest leaving one good plant in each cell.

In a few weeks you will have Lettuce like this ready for planting in the garden.


Matron said...

All my lettuce are ready at the same time at the moment and there is only so much lettuce a girl can eat at any one time! I might try some lettuce soup - it is said to help you get off to sleep. Just like Peter Rabbit in Mr McGregors garden!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I actually tried eating some cooked lettuce once when I was so desperate to get some sleep and I thought it was quite horrible! :)
Anyway, Bob, thanks for showing us your method of always having lettuce by preparing ahead. Very cool.:)
Have a great day!

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob,
Your making me hungry for summer veg and today 1st day of winter and its cold central heating turned on and running non stop and were getting some much needed rain temp here in Yarra today 16c Brrrrrrrrrrr low tonight forecast 6c. tomorrow the same as today forecast..bring on summer.

Woody Wilbury said...

Hmm, interesting. I find lettuce hard to get going at this time of year. It definitely doesn't like it too warm; it just sits there and stubborly refuses to germinate until I remember and put it in a cooler spot.