Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Blue Bell's, Marigolds & Wild Violets

In the flower garden this week I think the Blue Bells are putting on the best show. I especially like this corner with the Blue Bells, Marigolds and Dog Violets clambering over the low stone wall. I see a few Foxgloves in with the Marigolds, these got removed yesterday.

Blue Bell's, Marigolds and Wild Violets.

Today has been Brassica planting day, I had a row each of Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage Brussels and Cauliflower that had been sown indoors that needed planting and while I was at it I sowed a row of Swede and January King. I will sow another row each of Savoy, Brussel's and Broccoli at another time. As you will see I also constructed a frame to suppport the netting. Sometimes they need the netting and sometimes they don't but I did it anyway because you usually find the birds attack at a time when you have better things to do than spend half the day untangling netting. Also I find it easier to get it all sorted before the plants are in.

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EB said...

I planted out my brassicas today too! But not netting. I put netting up for all the things that never need it and I'm tired of it now. The pigeons are probably laughing themselves silly at my antics. You seem to plant a lot - is that because it's for a big family, or is it the normal amount? And why did the foxgloves have to go, was that becuse they would spoil the colour scheme - can't be, they can't be flowering yet - and I should have thought bluebells more invasive, so I'm all agog to know why.