Thursday, 28 May 2009

A Lettuce For All

This week in the veg garden I will show you some of the lettuce and salad leaves that I have growing at the moment. In the first picture are some 'All Year Round' lettuce, these were started off in February time in the greenhouse.

This next Lettuce is a red Lettuce called Bijou, its the first time I've grow this one do am looking forward to seeing how it does.

I'm also growing a couple of different kinds of salad leaves, one is a Spicey Greens mix and the other is Salad Rocket.

They have become very popular recently and although they don't appeal to me the lady of the house likes them so I thought it might be a good idea to grow some.

In the greenhouse I have some Webbs Wonderful coming on, this is still my favourite lettuce, very old fashioned these days I know but still lovely and crisp all the same. A couple of inches of this between two slices of bread and maybe a little salad cream and you have a proper lettuce sandwich - something to sink my tooth in to!

Whatever sort of lettuce you grow the secret is to sow them little and often. In a few days I will do a post on how I sow my lettuce so pop back and take a look if you're insterested.


Anonymous said...

How cool. I've also done this in the past growing different varieties of salad greens. It can be a lot of fun trying the different ones out and mixing them together to make for a more interesting looking salad.:)
Hope you're having a great day.

Phoenix C. said...

Hi UKBob I'm here via Red Clover's blog - I just read the comments about washing spades - good job you can't see mine!!

I like the red lettuce - I'm not a great fan of lettuce to eat but I like the look of it growing!