Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A Look In The Greenhouses.

Today has been spent transplanting seedlings and tidying up the rock garden. I had a couple of lots of Petunia, some snapdragon and Canterbury bells to pot on plus the geranium cuttings are ready for potting up so I did a few of those to take me up to lunch time. All afternoon has been spent in the main rock garden. It’s been wanting some attention for a while now but it’s one of those out of way places that tends to keep on getting put to the bottom of the list. Anyway it’s done now so now I can move on to something else without having to think about it any longer.
Tonight I will show you a few things from the greenhouse. Just in case you’re wondering Emily I’m not bragging about anything either, I’m old enough now to realise what follows pride so simply show you the kitchen garden, greenhouses and anything else in the hope it might be of interest and inspiration to someone.

This first one if from the far greenhouse and shows some of the older Petunia’s coming on well, it’s surprising how fast they grow once they get going

These next two pictures are from the first house in the picture are the Dahlia’s grown from seed and at the far end are some African Marigolds for the courtyard.

In the greenhouse border I have growing some Potatoes in pots, then some Cauliflower and Cabbage and out of sight behind these are some Dwarf French Beans and Broad Beans. I think the potatoes are ready to be eaten and there is a cabbage just hearting up, I can’t see anything of a cauliflower yet though.


Dirt Princess said...

Everything is so neat and organized!

EB said...

I was only teasing!

Hmmm, interesting. I hadn't realised that potatoes worked that well indoors, so I'd be interested to know how good the yield is when you lift them. And yes, DP is dead right, it looks very tidy and so lush and productive.

Matron said...

Gosh! you have been busy! that's a lot of potting up and pricking out!