Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Veg Garden.

This week in the veg garden we will take a look at the Potatoes and Radishes.

As you can see the potatoes have all come through okay, you will probably also notice that they are in the bottom and the ridges where as often they are growing through the tops of the ridges. In time these will also be growing in the latter way but this year I’ve decided to plant them in the bottoms of the ridges and earth them up as they grow. It will be interesting to see if they crop any differently. Each time I earth them up I will add a little feed to the soil as Potatoes are hungry plants.

Some of the radishes are ready for picking but I must confess to falling behind with me succession of sowing these. Its best to sow a few every couple of weeks if you can. You don’t need many at a time so don’t go sowing big long rows or anything.


EB said...

Yes! I've seen a weed in Bob's [employer's] garden. There, between the radishes.

Now I can go out happily to address myself to the 3 feet high mountain of goosegrass lurking beside the fence.

More seriously, with radishes, I find the snag is we don't get round to eating them.

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, Fresh Veg Yummy, Radishes one of my favorite salad Veg,My Brotherinlaw supplies me with home grown radishes in summer.I can taste the freshness straight from the garden..