Monday, 25 May 2009

Gladioli - Plant For Succession.

I’m perhaps a bit late with this post, for the UK at least but as people from other places read it I will post it anyway. You can still plant some Gadioli as I intend to do but this week is the last chance. I’ve been planting around twenty five bulbs every two weeks since Easter this way there will be a succession for cutting through to September. They need well drained soil that doesn’t dry out to easily. That might sound a bit double Dutch but what it means is that they don’t want soil that gets water logged but they also need moisture during dry periods or the flowers will be small so I add plenty of compost to the planting position and to do this rather than plant each bulb separately I remove a patch of earth to the depth of about eight inches.

Checking the depth.

I then add a bucket of compost and peletted chicken manure, you can also use bonemeal and then work it all in to the bottom of the hole. This should bring the depth up to around six inches.

The bulbs can now be placed in the bottom of the hole around six inches apart before back filling the hole.

In a few weeks you should finish up with the shoots making good growth.

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