Thursday, 14 May 2009

Strimming & Edging.

Today I managed to get the Leeks planted, I will show you those in another post, the rest of the day has been spent edging the lawns, strimming and mowing. When it comes to edging and strimming because there is quite a lot to get through I split the whole grounds in to three. This also applies to a few other things too. You will probably have seen me categorise parts of the garden as Main Garden, Walled Garden or Public Gardens, well this is how I allocate the edging, this week it was the turn of the Walled Garden which has by far the most amount of edging to trim. I do it this way for two reasons the first being after edging the Walled Garden I need a break from edging. Secondly if you do it on a three week cycle there is always part of the gardens newly trimmed. Of course the best way would be to trim the whole lot every week but I don't have the time for that.
Tonight we will have a look at how the fruit is progressing. First up we have the new Quince tree that was planted a few weeks ago. Its starting to put out new shoots now so thats good. There is a little problem in that the two lower shoots that I wanted to grow up the canes have not grown but fortunately there are a couple of new shoots growing that I hope to train in their place.

In blossom this week is the Tayberry, this, for those that don't know is a cross between a Blackberry and a Raspberry - I think. The fruit are purple when ripe and have the shape of a Raspberry but twice the size.

A Close up of the Tayberry


I'm with you as far as the Orchids go Emily. It is quite rewarding when they are in flower but really these days they're ten a penny so not that special anymore therefore hardly justify all the trouble and expense but I was given them to look after so thats what I did.

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EB said...

I'm amazed that your edges last for three weeks. My husband does ours fortunately and I'm very grateful for that, but ideally if he had time I'd love them done once a week, otherwise the grass starts to grow over. This is because my edges are forever being filled in by my weeding and hoeing efforts. The edging tool we have seems very shallow, but if I use a spade I get sort of scalloped edges!