Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Signs Of Spring.

I think that we all have a little something that tells us that Spring is here, for some it maybe the first sighting of a Daffodil or buds swelling on the trees or even the ground drying after a long soggy Winter. All these things are pointers to me that Spring is close by also I can feel it in my bones but the two things that really make me feel that the worst of Winter is behind me is the arrival of the first Formula One race of the season which was last Sunday and also the removal of the bubble wrap insulation from the greenhouse which I removed this morning. Or at least half of it was removed this morning. I really hate having that stuff up but unfortunately it’s a necessary evil of the times. How I would have loved to have been a gardener when all you had to do to compensate for heat loss from the greenhouse was to throw on an extra shovel of coal although had I been around in those times I would have cursed having to turn out last thing at night to stoke up the boiler so really I am satisfied with the way things are although it often comes to mind that the more the human race progresses the more backward it becomes but anyway that’s another matter. You’ll note that I only removed half the bubble wrap and the reason for this is that the hot house still requires heating at night so it would be a waste to remove the insulation from that end of the greenhouse. I wanted it gone from the cool house though because that is where the seedling will be going in time and they need all the light they can get also it needed taking down before it got filled with seedlings and other things.

The cool house with and without bubblewrap.

The rest of the day has been spent forking over a border on the north front, there were also a few more roses to be pruned there but nothing to serious, mostly it was forking and weeding and the time passed quickly enough.


Sara said...

Jeff was so excited this weekend, because "so much racing was on!"

I know it is spring, because my students start acting even nuttier than normal! Of course, I kind of want to join in with them sometimes. Spring Fever is contagious!

Kimmie said...

What a lovely place to spend the day, I bet when you breath in deep it smells like moist clean soil and sweet good earth.

Maybe you'll notice it tomorrow Bob...that is if you haven't noticed it long ago already...;-)

mama to 8
one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

Dad said...

I am back with you again this spring, and I am taking the librty of showing my readers what a great Gardener you are, this is in Dad's Tomato Garden Journal. Thanks DAD