Friday, 5 March 2010

I'm Your Man.

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all having a great day and looking forward to the weekend. You know there was a time back when I used to work pretty much seven days a week, or if not actually working I had the responsibility of work 24/7 which is often harder than the actual physical stuff so now when Friday comes its like breaking up for a holiday and even after having had five years of weekends off I still don’t take them for granted.

Anyway Dame Judi mentioned about the fact that I was talking earlier of bringing on Dahlia’s so as to take cuttings. Apparently this is not known to be possible by some of you which is a shame because it’s an easy way to increase your stock of favourite Dahlia’s so for those who missed it last year here is a link to a post I did back then.

[Click Here] to see how to take Dahlia cuttings.

Also with regard to the Rhubarb post last night, you are right about the special forcing pots Layanee These are intended more for outdoors where they are on show as they would look better than a plastic bag but if you aren’t bothered about looks – I’m your man LOL!

Sorry, as I was saying if you aren’t bothered about looks then what I’ve done with the bag will be okay or you can use some sort of tub placed upside down over the crown of the Rhubarb, the thing you are aiming for is to cut out all the light and this is what gives you the nice tender stalks. I don’t eat Rhubarb myself but apparently it tastes much better when forced. Also whilst I’m on the subject you must never eat the leaves of Rhubarb as they are poisonous. Don’t force a new plant as Rhubarb needs time to develop, in fact as with Strawberry plants you shouldn’t even harvest for the first year. The Rhubarb I’m forcing is part of an old root and will be thrown away once finished with.

Rhubarb Covered,

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Pam said...

Interesting on the dahlias. It never occurred to me to root them from cuttings. Here in MI they have to be dug every fall and stored indoors. If I want to multiply my stock I simply divide the tubers. Is this more effective than lifting and dividing?