Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Rabbit Tail Is Best.

I managed to get the ground between the soft fruit forked over and the bean trench dug out so I'm pleased about that.

Also today I noticed that a few flowers on the Apricot tree in the conservatory were starting to open so at lunch time I gave them a little tickle with my paint bruish.

As you can see I use a very small brush but in actual fact the best things to use for polination is a rabbits tail but its the devils own job trying to catch one and even worse trying to polinate flowers with it, the darn things drive you nuts the way they keep on wriggling!

This morning whilst checking round the greenhouses I noticed chew marks on the small lemon tree that I have.

I can only assume its the mouse up to its tricks again as I doubt even a slug would tackle something that large.

Hopefully this next picture will give those hope who struggle with the likes of bindweed. I'm sure there have been those in the past who have said, 'its alright for Bob he doesn't have to contend with all this bindweed like I have to'. Well its true there isn't a bit of bindweed in our garden, Vicki sees to that, she is a proper bindweed terrier so so the stuff wouldn't dare even look at our garden. My boss on the other hand isn't so lucky and there are certain parts of the garden where its a never ending battle to keep on top of it, the Raspberry patch being one such place, so you can see from the picture Bob does understand and he has the back to prove it.


The Gaudy Garden said...

Great Post. My hand are aching from weeding. On and On.

EB said...

Another good post. Is that this year's bindweed picture? I remember one just like it last year! I've only encountered a small amount of the stuff so far this year but I strongly suspect it's lurking there...

Gary said...

Bob, I have more than my share of rabbits, I'll be more than happy to send you a few or twenty. (LOL). Hope Mr. Mouse will soon find greener pasture outside :) - G