Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Another Rose Pruning Day.

Oh dear my poor back aches and my hand feels like the misunderstood
dog spent all day chewing on it. I've spent most of today pruning and
tidying the rose beds on the North. Front. I've also applied a general
purpose fertIliser and worked it in with the hoe, in around a months
time I will apply a dressing of rose fertiliser or something with a
higher percentage of potash. I try to give them a dressing every four
to six weeks through the growing season. Included in tidying the rose
beds is edging the grass, mainly with the shears but if the edge is
broken down I made a new one with the half moon edging knife.

Well I can't stand here talking to you all day as I still have more to
do before I can clean and put away my tools for the day.

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Laurel said...

This is the advantage of a long frozen, winter - I get a long, long break from a sore back.

I hate pruning roses, so much so, that when we moved in here I immediately dug up the two roses we had and gave them away to a more appreciative neighbour. I just let the wild roses grow all around in the woods, where I don't have to get up close and personal with their thorny limbs, and that's enough rose for me.