Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Flower Garden (Week 10).

Tonight I'm going to show you some pictures of Crocus that I took yesterday, I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Before I go Matron asked me if the sheep had any lambs yet, so I will just tell you that they haven't, they usually start around the end of this month.


Sara said...

The crocuses are just beautiful. I'm still watching the snow melt here, but see bits of green popping through. Hoping to see some colorful bulbs soon!

Thanks for the sneak peek!

Gary said...

Bob, Thanks for sharing the pictures. I was needing a little bit of spring right now. With all your duties I don't see how you find the time to blog but I am glad you do, have been enjoying your post. - G

Pam said...

Yeah for flowers! Ours here aren't far behind. Lots of green noses coming up as the snow receeds.

Dirt Princess said...