Thursday, 18 March 2010

Bindweed Barrows

Well spotted Emily Anyone who sticks around long enough will realise I'm like the seasons that govern my life, I blow hot and cold, have dull days and sunny days and in general repeat myself on a regular basis. Anyway just out of interest for those who don't have as good a memory as Emily here are yesterdays bindweed barrow and last years bindweed barrow.



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Jim said...

Hi Bob, it's morning here and I am looking at our little redbud tree all bloomed out. The ornamental pear trees are shedding their blooms fast, I do believe spring will be on time (Saturday). Usually it is earlier than on time here in Southeast Texas.

I think the idle rabbit is eating on your lemon tree. I hope mine blooms again, it did already last fall and no lemons set on.
Anyway put that rabbit to work dusting!

I remember helping Dad with the bindweeds. They would have been a problem if we hadn't kept after them. The cultivator got a lot but we had to hoe the ones near the plants--corn and beans--and in the fence lines.

You might could get 40,000 by posting ladies but they might not be who you would want as readers. Once when I was starting and wanted to keep my count up I would just name some of the beauties and Google did the rest.
But I have troubles keeping answered all the readers who comment now the way I do. You do it right by answering on your own blog and then visiting at will. I have problems with doing that.
Mrs. Jim frowned when I put Anne Nichol Smith (sp??) on. I did a couple of times. She was a Texas girl made good on the big time.