Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Hello everybody. A few of you have been expressing an interest in the
sheep of late so I will just tell you a little about them tonight.

There on 25 in all until the lambs are born at the end of this month.
The main reason for me counting them every morning is because its the
easiest way to make sure they are all there. If I can count them all I
don't need to walk all over the place looking to make sure everything
is ok.

The breed are St Kilda or Soay., they are a rare breed and we just have them
out of tradition and not for commercial reasons. I keep an eye on them
to help out the farmer, it saves him having to come over when he's
busy as he has plenty to do without running round after 25 sheep. If
you want to know anymore just ask. Below is a link for more info on the breed.

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Kimmie said...

Can we pop over and play with them?
Thought it was worth asking. My kids just love your blog and would love to come over for tea and to play with the sheep(and maybe the doggies!)

mama to 8
*we passed court in Ethiopia...
we are now officially her parents...
One homemade and 6 1/2 adopted!

Dame Judi said...

Thank you for this, Bob. They are very handsome sheep indeed. Wish I could drop by and help in lambing season!