Friday, 12 March 2010

Seed Sowing Day

Hello everyone. Here it is not such a good day as far as the weather
is concerned but that's okay as its seed sowing day and I would have
been working indoors anyway. Tomorrow I'm hoping for better for my
walk though as the places I'm going are pretty exposed. Right - what
seeds am I sowing then? Well I will tell you there are several lots of
Petunia's, some trailing Lobelia, Impatiens, Sweet Peppers, and a fun
thing I want to try and grow called an Echium. Well best go riddle
some compost now. By the way its always a good idea to buy a good
quality compost for seed sowing also protect from slugs even if you
think you don't have any because they can come in the night and take
all the seedlings as they come up and you'll end up blaming the seed
company for bad seed or something. I usually just put a small piece of
glass over the pot or slip it into a freezer bag. I'll take a picture
later to show you what I mean.

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