Saturday, 1 December 2007

The Second Planter.

Low Temp: 3C
Shady High: 9C
Sunnyshine High: 12C
Weather: Dry and breezy with some sunny spells.
Today me and misunderstood Tommy went to the garden centre to buy some plants to plant up the other container by our front door. As you will see I've gone for a more cool blue feel for this one. I quite like it although I would rather the Lonicera (back left) showed it's varigation a bit more, it does actually show up better in real life than the picture. There was probably something better at the garden centre that I could have used but you couldn't get round for all the Christmas trees. The had them all down the walk ways leaning against the staging so to see the plants you had to move the trees out of the way, it wasn't very good at all unless you were just going to buy a Christmas tree. Anwyay it's done now and I don't think it's too bad.

Here you can see the superviser inspecting my handy work, I'm not sure if he's very impressed or not do you? I guess it was okay as he didn't cock his leg up at it so thats something anyway.
Jim has been kind enough to add me to his blogroll so thanks for that Jim and thanks also to anyone else who has been so kind. I am really pleased to read that Mrs Jim is also enjoying reading what I write - it makes a huge difference knowing that people enjoy what I write, especially since I had to delete all my other stuff.

Also Matron asked about the greenhouses at work, I haven't answered you because I intend to do a posting about them this next week.

Well I'd better go now, I hope you're all having a good weekend - not many more now until Christmas!



Debbie said...

Lovely, Bob! I like the blue pots and you picked some great plants to accent it. Will these plants survive your winter? I can not imagine being able to garden this time of year, except inside!

Kimmie said...

Hi Bob;

Love the mums...where do you use those..outside? My mum on my doorstep is very never made the ground and now will adorn the compost pile I am afraid.

back to the earth she goes!