Monday, 17 December 2007

Stolen Purse.

Low Temp: -6C
Shady High: 3C
Direct Sun High: 3C
Weather Today: Another dull, cold day

I hope you all had a good weekend. I enjoyed my time off although we had a bit of an upset on Saturday evening when Fallon called from town to say that someone had stolen her purse so had no money for a taxi home. Unfortunately they also got her cash cards and driving licence along with a few other things. When Vicki got there some police were across the road so she went over to them to tell them but they weren't really interested telling her to go to the police station, no doubt they had more important things to do.

Today has just been another one of those tidy up days for me. I had to go to the farm for another gas cylinder so I also picked up some more hay for the sheep as I don't want to be running round for hay during my holidays. I wasn't really looking forward to going as the tractor wa playing up last time I went but after a bit of a cough and splutter it didn't go to badly. I will need to get it looked at after Christmas though as I need it to be running properly for when the grass starts growing again.


Woody Wilbury said...

Better a few boundaries crossed than perpetuating a feudal anachronism!

Or perhaps you were being ironic?

Jim said...

Hi Bob -- When we visited the Drumond Castle Garden over by Crieff (Scotland) we did go into their potting shed. I hope it was ok. There was a WC in there, I'm not sure it was for guests.

My write-up on the garden there is first on this search:


Anonymous said...

~Happy New Year~
I have been away and i sure miss my gardening-blogger pals!
Hope your year is full of goodness, peace and love and lots of flowers!