Friday, 14 December 2007

Tractor Problems.

Low Temp: -3C
Shady High: 1C
Direct Sun: 2C

Weather: A bitterly cold day when it was hard to keep warm even when digging

I had hoped to get the border that I’ve been working on finished today but I didn’t quite make it, to some extent because of the cold but also this morning I had to go to the farm to get some hay for the sheep which wouldn’t have been such a bit job if the tractor had gone ok. There was some dirt in one of the fuel cans I use and its got in to the tractor, this was a while ago now but I think it must have clogged up the filters. Its about due for a service anyway so I will see if my boss will let me get them out to it.

Yesterday my sister Judith and niece Suzanne when to New York for a week, I messaged her this afternoon and it seems they had a bit of snow there yesterday.

Yesterday I had to take the Christmas trees to the church. The estate provides two trees and I get the job of taking them round and erecting the bigger of the two which was a ten footer, the smaller one was around four foot.

My mum phoned today wanting to know if we needed them to bring anything in the food line with them for Christmas. They are coming to stay with us over Christmas so that will be nice.

Also yesterday the former lady presented me with a Christmas card and six bottles of wine as a Christmas present which was very good of them.

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Jeanette said...

Hi Bob, BBBrrrrrrrrrrrr its cold over there I couldnt get out in that weather, I would have all the doors closed and have a fire going.. We re having very warm weather was 35c yesterday and forecast today 32c overcast with a possible shower hahaha, oh how we need rain,. Nice pic of the deer is that at the estate. nice of the Lady to bighouse to recognise all your hard work by giving you the wine, im like you I like a good white wine, you can always use the reds on your visitors,,, im off for a cuppa before I leave for a girls afternoon.. Take care keep warm Jen