Monday, 10 December 2007

Decorating For Christmas.

Low Temp: 3C
Shady High: 8C
Sunnyshine High: 10C

Weather: Dry and bright, turned cold at nightfall.

Good day to you all, did you have a good weekend. The little get together went well on Saturday night, in all ten members of the family turned up, it’s a pub in Bakewell that we go to often so we were assured of a good meal, also the landlord of the pub is very good and always makes you feel welcome.

On Saturday morning misunderstood Tommy and I managed to get the Christmas tree up ready for when Vicki had time to decorate it, this she did yesterday after going to church and she is still at it now. She has finished the tree and is doing other bit and bobs around the place now. I will take some more pics when she has it all finished.

Look at him! Anyone would think he did it all by himself.

Sunday, here it only has the lights on so far.

I’m going to finish now and go and give Vicki a hand to bring some of the empty boxes back in to the store room until after Christmas. By the way the Scotland picture is still from the Loch Tulla area, this one being taken from Victoria Bridge which some of you will remember from the West Highland way.



Suzanne Brewster said...

Hi Uncle Robert. Thanks for the post. It's made me chuckle, it just so happened that when i showed Jason I was chewing my finger. I never change, and I'm still as sweet now as i was then. Thank you ever so much to both of you for coming to celebrate with me, it was lovely to see you and tell auntie vicky the flowers are gorgeous. Thanks again. Lots of love to both of you x

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Nice landscape picture, I will have to make it to Scotland someday, that is where my ancestors came from. It sure does look beautiful and from what I have seen the people are nice.

Cute Christmas tree. Yours is the third blog I have seen someone post a picture of their tree so maybe it is a trend.

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob,Glad you had a good night and a little tipple know doubt.
I dont blame you for not excepting invite,I hate people that stab in the back and nice to your face there not worth mixing with little own drinking with them . over here we call someone like that 2 faced.

Ohh I love Tommy guarding the tree he does look like its his tree lol