Friday, 21 December 2007

Hyacinths At The Ready.

Low Temp: -1
Shady High: 2C
Direct Sun High: 1C
Weather Today: Another bitterly cold grey day.

I managed to get a bowl of Hyacinth in flower in time for Christmas and the family coming to stay so I took them over to the big house for them yesterday ready for their arrival.

Anyway everyone else is in bed so I will be heading off that way myself now, take care and have a good weekend.


Jim said...

Those hyacinth look very pretty. I sure am glad you have such a green thumb. Guess you would be doing something else if you didn't.

We didn't go to Dalmally, in fact I don't even know where it is.

Best wishes for your walk around Monday. Will the family accompany? I know the owner wants to show the garden off all he can.

UKBob said...

Hi jim, For Dalmally we headed off down down Glen Orchy from Bride of Orchy. If I remember right it joins the road from Tyndrum to Oban not far from Dalmally. I will be walking around the gardens with the lady and gentleman of the big house. Its usually just to check up on what I've been doing and to give me some jobs to do after Christmas, also its a time for me to present them with any queries I might have like for instance can I get my tractor serviced or would ne okay for me to reduce a couple of the Laurel bushes.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Glad to see you got some of the Hyancinths to bloom. I really came to wish you Merry Christmas.

I hope they give you raise in salary at your meeting, you deserve it.

UKBob said...

Merry Christmas to you too Digital Flower Pictures and as always thanks for your comment, I'm not holding my breath for the pay rise though!