Monday, 3 December 2007

The Christmas Trees Have Arrived.

Low Temp: 2C
Shady High: 8C
Sunnyshine High: 12C
Weather: Some sun this morning but turned out to be a pretty miserable afternoon with some heavy showers.

Yesterday we had a very enjoyable visit from Vicki's sister Julie and her husband and daughter Phil and Nikki. Nikki is expecting a baby in January so everyone is very excited about that. They arrived a bit later than expected due to a hold up on the M1. When they arrived we headed straight out for some lunch in a pub, it was a carvery and very nice it was too. We haven't been to that place before but I think we will go again some time in the future. So we all had a good day really.
Today at work I finished off forking over the long Dahlia border that I started last Friday, I just about got it finished for lunch time and a good thing too as it was throwing it down with rain afterwards. I didn't manage to cut the old canes from the main crop Raspberries and I cut down the Herbaceous border but didn't manage to get it cleared up, I will try and get that done in the morning.
The three Christmas trees arrived this morning, one for the hall and two for the church, I have to put the one up in the hall on Wednesday morning with the help of the cleaning ladies.
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Digital Flower Pictures said...

My favorite thing about Christmas is you get to have a real tree in the house! What kind of trees do you use over there? I just read Fraser Fir is most popular in the US for Christmas trees. Balsam FIr is second and this year Concolor Fir is the tree to have if you want something different. I personally love Colorado Blue Spruce.

I am glad to see you posting again and I have been catching up on some of your older posts. Love the words and photos.

It is interesting hearing what is going on in the garden.


Kimmie said...

How cool...I never heard of concolor and now I hear someone else would choose one...lucky me, right?

Glad you will work in another work so hard, hope you can kick back and enjoy yourself.

**would love to see some of Vicki's decorations and/or the church's trees! Hint, hint!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted