Thursday, 29 November 2007

More Brass Work.

Another view from Loch Tulla.
Low Temp: 4C
Shady High: 9C
Sunnyshine High: 14C

Weather: A bright and cheerful day.

Today I got finished cleaning all the door fittings that I'm going to do this week, I just have one more to do on the greenhouse. There are also a couple on the old part of the conservatory but I don't think I will bother with them. Below is the door catch I took off the greenhouse yesterday.
Before cleaning.
After Cleaning.
The various parts.
I love handling these fittings, its just total quality and a feel that once upon a time was common place but is now something not many people get to feel.
We have Vicki's sister coming to visit on Sunday so Vicki is busy making curtains at the moment. She is determind to put on a good show for the visit. I keep on telling her not to worry, that her sister is coming to see her and not the house or the garden but you know the way it is with these things. It seems I've been commisioned to errect curtain poles before Sunday - thanks Julie!
I had Tommy in the garden with me for an hour today, I haven't been taking him since I compromised security with my photo tours. Nobody said not to take him, in fact the old gentleman told me it was okay on one occasion. Tommy's a good lad and doesn't do any harm but you know what some people are like.
Y'all take care now,


Merle said...

Hi Bob ~~ The rejuvenated pots look nice, so she was pleased. You sure
did a lot of cleaning up of those door handles, and they look so much better for it. That sounds like looking for work, if you ask me.
Take care, Regards, Merle.

Matron said...

Those brass fittings are stunning! They certainly don't make them like that any more. What sort of a greenhouse is it? a Caxton perhaps?

Jeanette said...

G'Day Bob, Those pots look good and you have used plenty of Colour to brighten them up.
You Must have used a lot of elbow grease bringing those handles and catches up to scratch,they will gleen in the sunlight, you dont get heavy brass these days. A good job well done,,, Jen

Jim said...

Hi Bob -- Thanks for checking my blog out again. Mrs. Jim really likes your blog as she is enchanted by UK gardens. So I linked to you in my blogroll, I hope that is ok with you. She doesn't navigate very well through the profile. [I showed her how to get to your Scotland hiking journal report also.]
That door latch sure cleaned up pretty. Maybe you should do old cars as a hobby. I have a 1950 Ford you could practice on.