Saturday, 15 December 2007

Fallen Angel.

Low Temp: -4C
Shady High: 1C
Direct Sun High: 0C
Weather: As you will see from the above its been another cold raw day and the interesting thing to note is that the direct sun registered lower than the shady high, I think that must be because the censer for the shady high is a bit more sheltered but for sure it shows there hasn’t been a glimmer of sun all day.

Jeanette asked about the deer in last nights post. As with all the pictures at the start of the posts the picture was taken during our holiday in Scotland, at the moment these were taken during our visit to Loch Tulla.

Today I’ve been doing a few odd jobs at home. Someone from the church broke an angel so I’ve been sticking the pieces back together again, I’ve not done to bad a job and feel just about ready to tackle Humpty Dumpty any time soon.

Partly repaired, the body having
just been glued to the plinth.

Almost done, just the tip of one feather to add.

I also put up a curtain rail in the bedroom as Vicki has made some new curtains to go with the new wall paper, I will take a picture when she has the curtains up.

That’s about it for today, its been a quiet day.


Merle said...

Hi Bob ~~ You have done a great job on the broken angel, nearly as good as new. Well done. You sure are having freezing weather over there.
It has been quite pleasant here over the weekend, with even half an inch of rain. Every little helps.
I hope you and Vicky have a really
wonderful Christmas, with your parents and health and happiness in 2008. Warmest regards, Merle.

Jim said...

You're doing good with that angel, Bob. Merle has pleasant weather, but we are having two days like you are having. Here in South Texas it doesn't happen often.

Not many people will see in that wet and muddy dog what Tippy is sees. It must be in the eye of the beholder.