Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Low Temp: 8C
Shady High: 14C
Sunnyshine High: 16C
Weather: Mild for the time of the time of year, breezy with some showers.

My first job of the day is to check on the sheep of which there are 47, these are just across the road from the gardens so its quite a pleasant job to start off the day. I then usually take a walk around the gardens before opening up the potting shed and then checking around the greenhouses. There isn't usually much to do in the greenhouses at this time of year, not in the way of watering anyway. If there is any potting to be done I usually try and save it for a wet day or in the late afternoon when it's going dark. This morning was a bit different in that after checking on the sheep I then had to take the Christmas tree to the house and erect it in the main hall.

Kimmie asked where I grow my Chrysanthemums. They will grow outside with no problem, mine spent all some outside in pots and I then brought them in when they started to flower, mostly they went in to the conservatory but they would be just as happy to be planted out in the flower border. If you live in a particularly cold area though it would be best to lift and store any that you value then either take cuttings or replant next spring.

Tonight I'm going to show you my Hyacinths that I'm forcing on for Christmas time. I bought nine bulbs, three each of pink, white and blue. I've brought them on at fortnightly intervals so hopefully this will give a flowering period of six weeks. They have been in the cold store with the fruit since September, they start off in individual pots and then when it's time to bring them out I pot them up in to the bowls that they will go in to the house in. In this first picture you can see the stage in which they come out of the cold store.

From the cold store they are put in the cold conservatory for a couple of weeks by this time they will have come on to this stage.

Now this is the time to bring them on in some heat so from here they are moved to the heated greenhouse and this extra heat will bring them on nicely as you will see from this picture.

Y'all take care now and I will see you again tomorrow.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Bob, thanks so much for the information on the Christmas Trees. It was interesting because not many people use Spruce here. I sometimes get a Blue Spruce but they are expensive and mostly used for landscaping. I hope your bulbs are ready for Christmas. You are lucky to get to tend to animals on your estate. I would love to have that. I do work on a horse farm with 40 horses somedays but they have staff that takes care of them. I think they worth a lot of money.

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, your Hycinchs look very healthy,look foward to seeing them in full bloom.
it seems strange to see your getting ready to flower and mine are finished and ready to store till next winter/spring.

Brenda said...

Hello Bob
Nice to see that you're still blogging. I was a silent visitor in your other incarnation and I was sad when that blog went away!

Anyway, I have a question for you regarding your lovely wife Vicki's beautiful work..... when are we going to get to see what she's been up to for this Christmas in terms of decorations???? lol!

I like your blog too, but I'm waiting with baited breath to see the beautiful things she makes for your house this year.

Take care,

Jim said...

Hi Bob -- I hope to see those Hyacinths again a little later. They are always soooo pretty, I'll bet yours are the nicest with all the care you take.

When we were in Scotland this September three sheep were out on the road. There were fences on both sides and the sheep were aggitated.
I found the farmer's house and a man there said thank you, and that he would go rescue them. They were in a bad way, even though it was a road with little traffic, they were really afraid of our car. I can imagine all the others even if traffic was light.

I too liked your other world blog but I understand. You are doing good here, this way!