Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Christmas Tree Info.

Low Temp: 2C
Shady High: 12C
Sunnyshine High: 12C
Weather: As you can see from the above temp readings its been a pretty dull day again today although not really cold except for first thing this morning.

Digital Flower Pictures mentioned about Christmas trees today in particular asking what sort of trees we have here in the UK. I would think that the most common one is the Norwegian Spruce although there are several others that have become popular over the past few years the 'Frazier Fir' being one of these along with 'Blue Spruce'. Whatever sort you decide to get just remember for a while at least its a live plant and should be treated as such so don't forget the water. Of course the easiest way out of all this watering and needle dropping malarkey is to buy an artificial one. Some say they are fool proof, others have said that you can't tell the difference, and from what I've seen of some people at Christmas, I think they could probably be right. Anything is fool proof and and looks much the same as anything else when the fool has drunk half a bottle of Whiskey. Anyway for those of us who tend to stick with the odd glass of Sherry or can of Fosters I have included a couple of links below to help you choose your real live for now Christmas tree.




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Kimmie said...

Hi Bob;

We went with a fir...the old gentleman we bought it from said it was a concolor fir. Upon doing more research, it seems they aren't that common and if you have allergies they are a wise choice. (hurrah, perhaps we won't suffer with so much sneezing this year
The past few years we have had a Grand fir, it looks so beautiful, most people who saw it in our house asked us if it was real...it was just too out of a Victorian magazine (and it wasn't my decorations ;-)

Prior to that it was Blue Spruce...so pretty, so blue!

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one homemade and 5 adopted