Friday, 8 February 2008

A Blast From The Past.

The Misunderstood Dog Taking A Dip - BRRR!
Low Temp: 7.7C
High Temp: 14.1C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 5.4 mph.
Weather Today: Dry and sunny.
Some time tomorrow I'm off back home to Derbyshire to visit my family. I would probably have gone tonight had I not to walk around the gardens with the boss in the morning. On the journey down I may see if my mate Jo is in, if so I will drop by and see them in passing.
I was looking through some old stuff I found in the store cupboard the other night and I found some diaries from a few years back (I've been blogging many years on and off) and as I read through them I had the idea of publishing a few entries on here but since then I've decided to just concentrate on one diary so I closed my eyes, shuffled the diaries and picked on and the year I picked is 1992 so from now on I will try and post a 'blast from the past' as often as time permits. I will copy each entry as its written in the diary at the time as I think that will better reflect the mood in which it was written at that time. Explanations where needed will be added in (brackets). I hope this meets with everyones approval. Talking of approval I haven't heard back from Dame Judi yet.
Saturday February 8th 1992.
All three of us went looking for logging wood on the railway this morning - much to Fallon's disgust. (There was a disused railway right outside where we lived at the time, a short way up the track was a dump where the estate tipped waste so we went there now and again to look for wood to burn. At the time this was something we HAD to do if we wanted a fire to keep warm). In the afternoonI washed my car while Vicki and Fallon baked and watched a video.
Well I'd better get off now as I need to get a few things ready for the meeting tomorrow.
Best wishes,


Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, Poor Tommy BBBBRRR.hope your walk around the garden went well. Have a very safe trip to see family,look forward to reading more of your diaries... Jen

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Misunderstood? It's perfectly understandable... he's an energetic dog, and the water was there! lol.