Monday, 4 February 2008

A Change Of Mind.

Looking across Loch Lomond to Doune Bothy, of the two buildings visible the bothy is the one on the left. Those of you who read about my walk on the West Highland Way in my hiking gardener blog will probably remember me talk about Doune Bothy, well now you can see it from another angle.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 2.8C
High Temp: 9.0C
Rainfall: 0.6mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 3.7 MPH.
Weather Today: Dry and bright with a cool wind.

Hello everyone. I’m sure some of you will have noticed that you got an invite to view this blog only to discover later that not only did the invite to this blog not work but that you also had an invite to an entirely new blog. The reason for this is simple, I changed my plans mid stream so to speak. My gran always told me that I would never hang myself so I don’t like to disappoint her. I’ll not go in to all the details other than to say that after deciding to make this the restricted blog I changed my mind and made a new blog altogether which will be the invite only blog. So this blog isn’t and won’t be restricted at all but will only contain home and family stuff my new ‘Hiking Gardeners Secret Garden’ will be my work journal and will be restricted to invites only. You are welcome to an invite provided I can be sure you aren’t Dick Dastardly or the like.


Jim said...

Hi Bob -- I'm glad you found that phone number. Besides your green thumbs, I am also going to envy your holiday in Malta.
If it is anything like Petra or Rhodes, the only two I've been on, it will be most pleasant.
I realize Malta is larger and more populated, but still wonderful!
BTW, I have been to Loch Lomond but not over to Doune Bothy.

Jeanette said...

Hi Again Bob, Just popped over see what happening here while kettle boiling,, Pleased you were able to find friends phone number in Malta and will be able to help you with your holiday there...take care Jen

La Tea Dah said...

If you wouldn't mind, Bob, and if you would be so kind --- I would be pleased to have access to your 'secret garden' work blog. I hope I am not being too forward in asking, but I really enjoy reading about your estate garden.

Thank you for your consideration.

LaTeaDah (from far away)

Lois Billingham Currie said...

Hi Bob. I am going against my natural bent here and being forward enough to ask to have acces to your private blog as well.
I know that we have not exchanged comments all that long, but you were the first 'uk' blog that I found, and I have continued to enjoy your way with words, and your unique employment position.
Being across the ocean, and then across another continent, I probably dont pose much of threat to the privacy that you wish to uphold, but it may be that you have other reasons for limiting your readership. If you dont wish to add me, just dont write back and I will continue reading your blog here with pleasure.
email is