Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Our Trip To Malta Is Booked.

The Falls Of Falloch
All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 5.2C
High Temp: 1.6C
Rainfall: 0.9mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 4.4 MPH.
Weather Today: Dry and bright.

I’m sure you will all be pleased to hear that we now have our flights to Malta booked. After much searching on her laptop Vicki managed to locate a flight that we can just about afford. She’s only had her laptop six weeks and she has us jetting off around the world! The friends we know over there have found us an apartment to rent so it looks like we are all set now.
I would like to thank Dame Judi for requesting access to the secret garden, unfortunately I can’t locate the last comment you refer too also it just so happens that there is someone who lives close by that I’ve heard people refer to as Dame Judi, although she is not really a dame. Whilst I wouldn’t expect someone who was wishing to gate crash the party to come as themselves, who knows, maybe that’s what they were counting on me thinking. Anyway besides all of that you would need to supply me with an email address Judi as I need somewhere to send the invite too.
Best Wishes,


Jeanette said...

Gday Bob.
Lovely photo of the water falls, Whens the trip booked for..
You have to be carefull Bob You dont know who is lurking around the corner.. take care Jen

Jim said...

Hi Bob -- Mrs. Jim plans more trips on her lap top than I care to think about. But we do go on some of them.
Our trip to Scotland started with her favorite site, Luxury Link.
We stayed five nights at the Westin Turnberry for a very reasonable price. She won the auction.
She also won by bidding, a nice retreat in a Louisiana plantation home/B&B, and five nights in St. Remey, France, villa/hotel.
Nothing is in the planning right now.

Kimmie said...

Yeah...your first flight! I am so excited for both of you. Stay well, so you can take lots of pictures to share with those of us who are currently land bound.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Dame Judi said...

Blogopia is a crazy land. I'm not terribly skilled therein! The Dame Judi business is what my blog writing daughter named me, signed me up as etc etc ad nausium. When I saw the Dame Judi appear on your blog, well, frankly I didn't know what to do or where to go from there.

Formerly I signed a simple 'Ruth', that being my name.

Sorry for the consternation caused and yes, I'd still like access to whatever you may be doing anywhere that has to do with gardens, hiking, photo shoots and such.

Thanks for your patience, Bob.