Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Christmas Cactus Cuttings.

Hello, how is everyone today, its been fair windy here today, not many cobwebs left on anyone who's been working outside thats for sure.
I was reading a post by snappy last night, he was talking about Christmas cactus and saying how he would like to take a cutting from one he has So its prompted me to do a little post tonight about the ones I have and also show how to make a plant like I have. Its not really the time to be taking cuttings of Christmas Cactus unless you live the other side of the world but as I say snappy was talking about it, I will perhaps post it again later at the more appropriate time if I can remember.
Its easy enough to do, as you can see from this first picture just pull one of the segments from the mother plant and stick in down the side of the pot. I just use ordinary multi purpose compost. I use a pot that’s 10cms (4”) across and stick five cuttings in and I then grow them on as one plant that way you will end up with a bigger plant faster than if you grow each cutting on it’s own.
Once this is done all that remains is to water them, don’t over do it with the water, you just need to settle the compost around the cuttings and then make sure they don’t dry out. As you can see from this picture you can break off a bigger segment that has two pieces coming from it like a letter ‘Y’. They usually root okay and then you will be getting a head start. It might not really be the right time of year but I will leave these cuttings in the pot even though I only did it as a demonstration to illustrate what I was saying, it will be interesting to see how they go on won’t it, I will try and give you regular updates.
This picture is of a plant that I started off last Spring and as I say there are actually five cuttings growing as one plant. It's now growing in its second pot.
This next picture is of a plant that’s about two and a half years old, I made a bit of a mistake with this plant as I went and mixed up the cuttings so ended up with a plant that is of two colours. The cuttings in the last picture came from this plant, hopefully all one colour this time.
Well I'll be getting off now, y'all take care now.


snappy said...

Hi UK Bob,Thanks for posting a how to for the christmas cactus.I love the way you have plants of a variety of ages to show me how they develop!

Kimmie said...

Oh, that I wouldn't over love them to death...I have an aloe that is at deaths door at the moment. I am not totally responsible for its edgy existence. My dear father in law decided it was VERY thirsty while I was on holiday, she drank and drank and then lay down rather soggy in her pot.

I am thinking Christmas cactus' require little in the love (water) department, yup I know when to step away and leave it to somebody elses trust. lol

I love the 2 colors...such a nice surprise I think.!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Jeanette said...

Hi Bob. I like the pot of Zygo's with two different colours, im going to try that.. I must go see if my xmas cacti in flower..

Debbie said...

Beautiful Christmas Castus, Bob! I like the idea of rooting more than one so you get a larger plant quicker! I'm going to try this for sure.

Thanks for sharing.

RUTH said...

Yours look much healthier than mine...they are starting to bud though.