Monday, 13 July 2009

The Wallflowers Are Coming On.

Hello everyone, the other week I told you I'd sown my Wallflowers so this week I am going to show you the results of my labours. As you will see there are quite a lot of them and very soon now I will have to dig them up and transplant them at around four inches apart so they can grow on for the summer ready to be planted out in the right place for spring. Also I will soon have to be making a sowing of Pansies which are also for next spring. Pansies do best if you can keep them cool which isn't easy to do at this time of year so if you only want a few its best to buy them at planting time. If you're buying from seed catalogues or similar then it doesn't hurt to get your order in now.


Sara said...

I'm learning from reading your blogs (and the Bedlam Farm Journal) that a lot of gardening and farming is about planning now for the next few seasons ahead.

I'd guess farmers/gardeners always kept journals to help them keep track of things, now some of them do it digitally!

EB said...

Ah, hmm. Yes, wallflowers. Right, tomorrow's job! (I know they're late.)

Jeanette said...

there nice neat rows of wall flowers Bob I havent seen them in years,look forward to seeing them in flower.
Mum used love them in her garden..
When I buy pansies alway buy seedlings and put a few in large pots, im past digging.

MarmiteToasty said...

Our local village hardware shop sells bunches of wallflowers.... Ive never been a fan though lol... I dont know why, its just one of the few plants that I dont like, oh, besides marigolds LOL..