Sunday, 12 July 2009

Some Answers

BloggerOver the past week or so some of you have asked me questions which I will answer tonight. The answers to the questions are next to and under the name of the person who asked them.

EB Said in a comment about the standard Rosemary getting top heavy and prone to blowing over. I think she is right and a problem I have all the time with my standard Fuchsia’s.

Yes Tippy did like the soft food I gave here instead of the pork pie, she had rice pudding which is one of her favourites.

The weather station is okay, it links to my computer. I got into recording the weather because of blogging, to give people an idea of what the climate is like. The trouble with the weather station is that we only have a small sheltered garden so you don’t really get proper wind readings, the rain gauge is accurate and temps are okay although again because the garden is sheltered I think they are a couple of degrees higher than out in the open.

Sara asked if dead heading Day Lilies makes them produce more flowers. I’m not really sure to be honest. When you look at the flower spikes it seems that the flowers are already there so taking off dead ones won’t make much difference to the amount of blooms produced. One thing removing dead flowers will do however is make the plant look tidier. I will tell you now that I don’t take off any dead flowers as a rule but that’s because of a lack of time more than anything else.

Matron has asked me how doing my own garden compares to doing the one at work. Well it’s a lot different. For one thing Vicki does most of the work in our garden, I cut the lawn and the hedges and plant up some of the pots, also at home I’m not as fussy. From reading about my work you probably think I’m a right fuss pot going round making sure everything is always neat and tidy but away from work I am totally opposite, it doesn’t bother me the same if everything isn’t just so.


Sara said...

Thanks Bob. Now, I won't be in such a rush to deadhead every morning. I'll just do it when their appearance starts to annoy me :)

I think Tippy is a lucky dog, getting rice pudding!

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, im just looking at the posts I missed, and your, Answers.
Well Bob I have honestly seen a stadard Rosemary at our local nursery, and believe it or not was sold with a standard rose and Fuchsia and was waiting the buyer to come pick them up. I think the 3 plants must have been a special order as they were in rather large oversized ceramic pots that would never blow over.I remember the rosemary was in the shape of a ball on a stick unlike the trailing fuchsia..and standard rose..Good luck getting yours to that stage, Use a an oversize pot so it wont blow over..

EB said...

Or - I've had an idea. If it's in a pot, you can put lots of sand in with it. It would want sharp drainage anyway and the sand will help to weight it. And thank you for the answers!