Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Day Lily (Hemerocallis).

Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? This week from the flower garden I’m going to show you some of the Day Lily (Hemerocallis) that we have growing. These flower throughout July and in to August. If planting some yourself anytime do so spacing them 18 inches apart. They will live in most types of soil and in full sun as these are, or in partial shade. They don’t like dryness at the roots so add plenty of compost before planting and if the weather is dry you may water them well. Other than that you should have little trouble growing them. Sorry for the lack of a close up but my batteries went dead after I took this but I will try and remember to get a close up tomorrow.

Thank you those who wished Tippy well, she is much better tonight and was even after a piece of pork pie, I had to refuse though as I didn't want the hard crust to hurt her mouth. she had a couple of double rooted and one triple rooted tooth out besides the five single rooted teeth at the front so as you can imagine it must have been quite sore so I'm giving her soft food for a while.


Sara said...

Glad to hear that Tippy is feeling OK, having an appetite is a very good sign. Poor baby, guess you could always put the pork pie in a blender.

Does deadheading daylillies help them produce more flowers? I deadhead mine everyday, but it is tedious, and often wonder if it is necessary.

dinzie said...

It's a great picture.. Looks good with the backdrop.

I feel for the dog :O\


Matron said...

Buddy had 4 teeth out before we re-homed him from Battersea dogs home. It took quite a while before he really wanted to chew anything hard.

dinzie said...

RYN - Change isn't always for the better eh :O) Hopefully they will have done another upgrade by we buy walking shoes again :O) for the better this time :O)


EB said...

That's a big deal in terms of teeth out. I remember when I had some molars out years ago. Hope the soft food is what Tippy likes!