Saturday, 11 July 2009

Training The Passion Flower.

Hello everyone, today I have been doing a bit of work at home, one job in particular was training the Passion Flower to go up rather than down - that darn gavity playing havoc again.

It had got so you could hardly see through the sitting room windows so I put some wire on the wall and fastened all the lose ends up to it.

Then quite a bit of this afternoon was spent watching the qualifying for the German Grand Prix tomorrow which was quite interesting in that it kept on lightly raining so this caused everyone to have to get their thinking caps on as to what tyres to use.


Merle said...

Hello Bob ~~ You did a good job tying up the passion flower, away from the windows. And I read back a bit and just love the Day Lily. It is lovely and so many of them growing. I am glad you have a lazy day sometimes.
I am sorry your Mum has been diagnosed with diabetes. I have had it for years and spent about 3 years without and medicine, then 1 table and now 2 tablets a day. You have to watch what you eat, but basically anything in moderation. I cut out all soft drinks and a lot of sweets, but I
even have a few lollies or a chocolate each day. I hope your Mum does well and doesn't stress too much. It isn't only what we eat. If we are sick with a cold or worried abut something, that all affects the blood tests and you get used to them.
Take care my friend, Regards, Merle

EB said...

The word training, of plants, always makes me smile. I have visions of us all there with biscuits - or maybe little blocks of fertiliser? - as rewards, giving commands in purposeful voices: "This way! Here planty, this way"...

MarmiteToasty said...

Please tell me, why oh why didnt the satellite installer put a short cable going UP from your dish along the gutter line and down near the drainpipe, where is would of hardly shown at all........

your passion flower is just gorgegous see if you can train it up the cable LOL