Saturday, 4 July 2009

June Weather.

Here are the weather stats for June, these readings are local to my garden and are not Met Office approved or anything like that.

Maximun Temperature 31 C (88 F)
Minimum Temperature 7 C (44 F)
Number of continous days without rain for this month is 4 days on two occasions between the 1st and 4th, and the 23rd to the 26th.
The most rain to fall in a 24 hour period was 39 mm (1.53 inches)
The total rainfall for the month was 83 mm (3.26 inches)

Inspite of all the rain I don't feel it was an unpleasant month for gardening as most of it fell during the night and was good for any planting that had been carried out, also the temps were good for establishing plants.


EB said...

I saw a picture of your weather station; I'd like one too. A couple of years ago my husband put temperature sensors in many places around our house and garden and linked them to his computer. There was even a page on the net so we could see what was happening when we were at work (you will gather we are rather an odd pair...). The next thing of course is to automate things. He did a lot with automating the watering but the systems haven't been kept up so I just do it with a hose at the moment.

Matron said...

It has been like that here in London. Most of the rain has been overnight, and days are hot and sunny - if a bit humid. Plants are loving it. Including the weeds!

Merle said...

Hi Bob ~~ There is always those who complain ~ too hot, too cold etc etc
It is summer over there, so what do they expect? I see you have been busy planting in the garden. The ground would be easy to dig with the rain you have had, I hope? I am very amazed that my lawns have returned to nice green grass after being so badly scorched with our Summer and we were not allowed to water them.
Take care and yes I am still cracking jokes. Regards, Merle.