Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Wednesday, day 11

Day eleven on the Pennine not so wet has been okay, a word of warning though to anyone thinking of walking the way and staying B&B, don't make your stop at the Twice Brewed Inn because the room you get for the price you pay isn't worth it. Its the worst B&B I've had so far. Apart from that the day has been okay although a little complicated at times as far as route finding goes. Today I left the Pennine hills behind, it seems a long time now since I was struggling along through the Yorkshire Dales in all that rain. Now I am at Hardians wall, it seemed more captivating the last time I walked the Pennine Way but then I'd never seen it before so I expect that has a lot to do with it even so it is a good stretch of the way with fine views all around. This morning near Lambley Collery I came upon a walker laid out flat on his back, it seems he was only resting but he seemed a bit strange all the same, I don't expect to see him again. Tonight I went down to the bar for a glass of cider and I met the guy from New Zealand who I'd last seen on Saturday in Teesdale so that was a nice surprise, I don't think I will see him again though as he isn't going any further, he only has a couple more weeks left so is going over to spend them in the Lake District rather than continue any further. I've met no one else from the past.Today I've walked 20 miles, the last part along the wall has been quite hard work with lots of ups and downs. It was funny because I met a few people walking the Hadrian's Wall Way and they were all huffing and puffing and it reminded me of how I was ten days ago when I first set off. I no longer have any trouble with hills other than they slow me down a bit but I can just keep going up them to the top without resting or running out of steam. My pack isn't quite as heavy as it was but its by no means light as I now carry spare clothes, shoes and such like instead of a sleeping bag and tent, I'm also carrying some food to try and save a bit of money.Tomorrow I'm off to Bellingham, I remember that as being a pleasant and not too difficult walk, hopefully I won't get lost in the forest.Bob.


Woody Wilbury said...

Hi Bob

Glad to hear it's not raining quite so hard. What a summer, eh?


Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, Pleased to hear its stopped for a while.. hope you check the next B&B out and dont get ripped off with your stay ...
Btw dont get lost in the bush,, take care.. im off for a warm cuppa its bloody cold here low of 2c overnight and high today 12c BRRRRR.