Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I am now on day 10 of my Pennine Way journey and things have greatly improved from last week, it did rain today but it was nothing like I had to endure last week. If I had to endure a weeks rain on this journey I would rather it had been this week really as there was more things of interest last week and they got passed by in the main simply because it was too wet to stop and enjoy them. Anyway I will just have to make the most of this week and for sure its not totally lacking in attractions like for instance tomorrow I will get to visit Hadrians wall and today has been a pleasant walk along the river South Tyne from Garrigill to just north of Slaggyford. There were lots of wild flowers along the river bank, I also saw a Heron and watched some fish in the river whilst I had my lunch break. Yesterday was spent crossing the high fells from Dufton to Garrigill, unfortunately there was mist on the tops so I didn't get to see a view. Thats twice I've crossed over Cross Fell now and neither time have a been able to see more than a few yards in front of me. Vicki was still with me yesterday, she went out for the day on her own and then had a little walk up the hill to meet me as I finished off the days walk.On Saturday, that was day 8 of my walk, was the best day so far. I walked from near to Middleton In Teesdale to Dufton and it seemed that around every corner there was something to delight you. It was quite a long walk but it didn't seem so because of all the things there was to stop and look at, it was also quite a nice day so that made loads of difference in being able to stop and look. With taking a day off on Sunday I am now out of touch with the people I was walking with last week, not only have I not seen any of them but I haven't seen a single person all day, not out walking the Pennine Way. I did see a boy near to Merry Know Farm, it was one of those places where you virtually have to walk through their garden. I managed to find my way into and through the garden in front of the house and I was I was just standing looking at my book to see where I should leave for the fields again when this boy came out wanting to know where I'd come from. I pointed out the route I'd taken and he quickly pointed me in the right direction, which without interruption from him I'm sure to have discovered for myself but I guess it was good of him to be so prompt and eager to save me from going astray. Tonight I'm rested up in a B&B as I will be for the rest of the walk except for the last night when I will be sleeping rough, more about that in due course though. Because of the extortionate cost of B&B I've cut the cider rations, also I just managed to resist going next door to the pub for fish, chips and mushy peas, it was very hard though. I can't believe they can charge so much for what they offer at these B&Bs, but I guess its either that or back to the tent.Well I'm off to get another cup of tea so I will sign off for today.Bob.

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Kimmie said...

Hi Bob;

How wonderful-8 days of walking and all the delights that God is bringing you and Vicki.

Hope you have a continued wonderful holiday...going to catch up on your posts, as I took a little break from blogging.

have a grand time at your holiday!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted