Monday, 7 July 2008

My second day on The Pennine Way has been wet. It didn't rain as hard as yesterday but its rained for longer and there has also been thunderstorms.I left camp this morning ar 8 just after the guy from Scotland left, he was heading in the opposite direction to me so I won't be seeing him again. I didn't see the man with the two boys untill later in the day, they passed me and then I repassed them and met up again later at the place we are camped at tonight, They aren't very talkative. I've not seen anything of the boy from London since last night.Today has been spent walking through Bronte country first with a visit to Top Withens and then the way went past Pondon Hall which is reputed to be 'Thrushcross Grange' from the book Wuthering Heights. I'm finding theh pack is still weighing heavy, inparticular on my shoulders and I can feel all the muscles in my legs but hopefully this will improve with time.Tonight I'm camped on someones front lawn along with the man and boys plus another guy who is travelling in the other direction.Tomorrow promises to be a bitg easer day which will take me to Malham, hopefully the weather will also be better as everything is damp and this is also adding to the weight of the pack I'm sure.I'm going to make some hot chocolate and then get off to bed ready for another early start tomorrow.

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Elaine said...

Hi Bob!
Oh how I wish I could see the country you're walking through, however I don't think that will happen . We should have done it one of the times we were in Europe. We just didn't have the time and always thought we'd get back and just do the Briish Isles.

Thanks so much for keeping us posted.

Keep your sunny-side up, even if it is raining.

Elaine in Canada